January 14, 2016

Yoga4Him LLC Alabama, USA Infrared Heating Panels Services Case Study

We were asked by Richard Rogers to supply a series of infrared heating panels for his yoga studio’s central heating which needs 35 square meters to about 105F, using wireless thermostat to control the whole heating system.

Its structure of the Yoga4Him company’s hot yoga central Studio: Fully insulated with 10 foot ceilings. Two walls are brick and two insulated drywall. Floor is hardwood with insulated padding on top of plywood. Location of Yoga4Him: 100 Susies Place,Wetumpka, Alabama, United States

infrared heating system

At Eco Art Heating Solutions, our expertly trained heating engineers can do consultant the whole work for heating project.

We consider key issues:

Electric Cost Analysis:

The buildings consume more than 20% of the electricity in the United States; 40% of that is used for space conditioning. Many yoga studios use electric resistance heating, which is generally more expensive than the alternatives. Infrared heating panels use electricity far more efficiently than resistance heaters, especially in cold climates.

Infrared heaters are beginning to establish market share and have the potential to cost effectively replace resistance heat. They may also be competitive with some types of fossil-fuel systems such as older oil furnaces and boilers.

The Benefits of Hot Yoga:

There are many physical, mental and emotional health benefits associated with practicing yoga. Yoga is widely recognized for its ability to:

* Increase strength and flexibility

* Improve health by reducing stress, lowering blood pressure and slowing the heart rate

*Manage chronic health conditions like insomnia, depression, low back pain.

*Detoxify the body and improve the aging process

And at the same time , we also analysis:

The benefits of infrared heater:

Infrared is a healthy, vital heat which we naturally absorb and emit. The infrared heater panels are slim and unobtrusive which blend in with the aesthetics of the hot yoga studio. The infrared heating panels can also be custom printed with the client’s own imagery.

At Eco Art Heating Solutions, our engineers in infrared heating department do the whole work for the yoga heating system project.

Our recommended heating solutions:

For hot yoga studio, 140 watt per square meters, total 4900 watt need for Richard Roger’s yoga case. Installation method: Ceiling mounted

Products: 1) 8 pcs 600W (ES-W600) Eco Art Infrared heater Panels Ceiling with Customized Painting work

2) 8pcs Ceiling fixing kits

Control system: 4 sets wireless thermostat (Model: ES-WT01), 1 set for 2 pieces electric heaters.

Painting Infrared radiation

Richard agreed and offered us his own artwork to print on the heaters, matching with the decoration style of the yoga studio. We arranged the shipment by FedEx IE within 15 days; Richard and his wife were very satisfied with the heaters when they receive the heaters. Eco Art Electric heaters are easy to install, Richard installed the heating system within 2 days and his yoga studio are ready to open, they couldn’t be more happy.

Our team members are timely, reliable and high skilled – and will never waste your time waiting around for missed appointments.

At the end of the contract we were personally thanked by the Richard for our commitment and speed of the contract turnaround. It was also noted we were the only contract company to have finished a contract within the specified time frame, whilst giving excellent customer service.

Eco Art Heating panels

Our consultant knowledge covers across light commercial and larger industrial heating systems on conventional systems, warm air or radiant heating.

The range of commercial heating services offered by Eco Art Heating solutions Engineering Company including:

Residential infrared heating system:

Commercial warm air heating systems

For a no-obligation quote on our commercial heating services, or complete the contact form on this page or email: [email protected]


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