Infrared Heating Panels for Richard Rogers’ Yoga Studio

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What a Yoga Studio Needs

Richard Rogers, the owner of a Yoga Studio. He contacted us showing interest in our infrared heating panels. Let’s see what he needed.

  • Heat a 375 sqft Yoga room
  • The temperature must be about 105F
  • Get a thermostat to control them all
  • These heating panels should be installed on the ceiling

What Infrared Heating Panels offer

Infared heating panel, the most efficient and heathiest heating solution. It becomes more and more popular in many commercial area, especially for Yoga Studio.

  • Easy installation and maintenance free
  • Saving money and heating friendly
  • Temperature controllable (individually or uniformly)
  • Can be designed as requested

Art Heating Panels in Yoga Stdio

Mr Rogers would like to try our glass heating panels at first glance. But he felt so excited when he knew that customized design was accepted.

After considering engineer’s advice and our quotation, Mr Rogers locked the products he wanted: 8 x Customized design heating panel in 600W, 4 x Receivers, and 1 x Thermostat.

Mr Rogers was really patient and glad to design his own heating panels. We used aluminium as surface material to keep those quotations from the Bible written with chalk perfectly.

“That is a pleasant surprise”, Richard Rogers said. “They are not only heatings but artworks created by myself”.

Combine Heating and Artwork

Our Customized Heating Panels

Need to know more about the customized design art heating panels?