May 9, 2018


Whilst electricity represents the most efficient form of heating, it has historically also been the most expensive. This has now changed…… and consumers are actively seeking energy efficient electric heating solutions for their homes or commercial environments.

Infrared heating offers a long life, low maintenance, low running cost electric solution that offers a much more attractive total cost of ownership than many other forms of heating. Infrared heating technology builds thermal mass to heat the room, rather than warming the air like traditional convection heating and, compared to night storage heating for example, infrared heating can deliver energy savings of up to 60%.

As the trend for on-site renewable solutions continues to grow, in particular solar PV, infrared presents a complementary technology that is uniquely poised to make use of local renewable supplies; Infrared heaters are relatively low wattage and utilise the thermal mass of buildings to store the heat which helps to even out peaks and troughs in demand on the grid. This, combined with improving insulation standards and construction methods, means that buildings are able to enjoy lower running costs and a reduced carbon footprint, all assisting in the transition to a cleaner climate.

A perfect example of how infrared heating can be cleverly integrated with renewable energy sources is demonstrated at our manufacturing plant. Leading the way in efficient, sustainable solutions, we run and maintain a stable and comfortable work environment from an exceptionally low heating cost base whilst saving over 41 tonnes of CO2 emissions.

Supporting global low carbon targets, our leading infrared heat systems are changing the way we heat surrounding environment. Infrared panel heater deliver numerous benefits over conventional heat systems:

Energy saving: heats people first, rather than heating the air like standard methods used in petrol, saving up to 60% on energy consumption.

Greater warmth and comfort: a more consistent temperature significantly reduces cold spots and variations in temperature are minimised.

Carbon-free: no fuel is burnt during the heat process, one of the few systems available delivering 0% carbon emissions.
Easy installation: sleek & lightweight solution can be easily mounted and hidden within the inner roof panel of any room.

Reduction in condensation: infrared heat warms objects directly, keeping them at a higher temperature than the air and deterring the build up of moisture. A significant benefit to a common problem.

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