February 12, 2018

Top 4 Wellness Trends For 2018 – The Year We Replace Radiator With Infrared Heating


2018 is finally here! Thank goodness . . . amirite? In the past year we’ve seen tremendous growth and shifting in heating industry, and it’s only going to continue in 2018. Gradually people have started to accept more radiators into their daily lives, and that’s only going to increase throughout the year.

In 2018 there will be a shift towards heating industry, and we couldn’t be happier. The more people enjoy the new radiators, the better! We’re also going to see the definition of “heating” broaden to include carbon crystal radiator in addition to glass panel heater.

Here are the Top 4  RadiatorS for 2018

Ring in the new year by shifting to focus on you. All of you. From your mind and heart to your physical body. Here are the top 4 Radiators in 2018 that’ll help you make that happen.


1.Infrared Heating Panel

Infrared Heating Technology has long been praised for its comforting effects. This technology does not directly heat the air – unlike convection heating technologies.  Instead, it warms the walls, surfaces and objects within its range. The heat is stored and is released slowly and evenly into the air, creating a nicely distributed heat.A consequence of this radiant method of heating is that the air does not get dry, and is more pleasant to breathe when compared to a convection-style heating system. Additionally, many users compare the effect of Infrared Heat as being similar to going outside in the sunshine.  This can create a feeling of health and well-being that traditional convection technologies are not able to offer.


2.Infrared Patio Heater

ThIS heater is designed for indoor and outdoor use, to provide radiant heat which warms people and objects rather than the air in between.It is mounted on an adjustable  bracket that allows the heat to be directed exactly where it is required. Its attractive,lightweight design means that it is effective yet unobtrusive.


3.Ultra Mute Intelligent Infrared Heater

Those radiators are specifically designed to effectively heat larger houses, public areas, communal stairwells, listed, public and commercial buildings, offices, etc.These environments, which typically have high ceilings, open-plan design and large windows, were always considered to be expensive and difficult to heat using traditional heating methods. However, the high energy efficiency and intensified thermal performance of those radiators have made it a cost-effective and viable heating solution. This lightweight, thermal medium provides a more imposing level of thermal performance.


4.Electric Glass Radiator

The designer electric glass radiator ideally suited to bathrooms.Fitting is made really easy as well as part of the box has a fixing template included. The electric glass radiator is slim-line and light, and will come to you in a well packaged box complete with everything you need to get it up and running. The wireless control included uses Infra-red technology. Easy to fit towel rails and wall brackets make this a stress free task.


Go Get Your 2018 Radiators On

We’re excited to see these trends take off in 2018.What more could you ask for an efficient, eco-friendly, stylish, contemporary radiator that you can fit yourself and programmer easily.


Happy 2018, everybody!

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