Sweatbox Yoga Infrared Heating Case Study


Sweatbox Yoga Infrared Heating Case Study


Customer Brief

Sweatbox Yoga is a premium boutique studio located in the lush greenery of Bukit Timah. They’re fully equipped with state-of-the art heating panels for hot yoga, with experienced instructors to mindfully guide your practice. Inspired by Their instructors and yoga community, Sweatbox Yoga aims to help women, men and children have fun while staying fit through yoga.

Customer requirement

Sweatbox Yoga Studios Size: 10*10*4m;

Temperature requirement: ideally customer would like to heat up to 39 degrees celcius in half an hour.

They were asked to recommend a more efficient way and best heater to heat the room and control the thermal comfort of an environment for yoga.

Assessment & Recommendation

To achieve the target temperature, we recommend 200W per square meters for Sweatbox Hot Yoga studio, which means they need about 20000W, considering the height of the space (4M) and insulation, finally we recommend 240W per square meters. A fully programmable and thermostatically controlled system was equally important to ensure clients felt comfortable.

Heating solutions

A Solution: 20pcs 1200W(1000*1200mm) Infrared Heating Panel, 10pcs 16A WIFI thermostat, which can be controlled by phone APP, 2 pieces 1200W Infrared Heater connecting to 1pc wifi thermostat

B Solutions: 10pcs 2400W Infrared heater with 25A wireless heating thermostat

All above infrared heaters support ceiling mounted


After considering and discussing with installers, Sweatbox Hot Yoga studio choose B heating solutions, save space, save shipping cost. Sweatbox Hot Yoga studio was very satisfied and like our recommendation. And the Yoga classes are up and running and going from strength to strength.

8 months later, Sweatbox Hot Yoga studio contact us to offer the same infrared heaters for their new studio.