February 19, 2015

How to stay warm and safe this winter?

It’s imperative to heat your home and keep your family warm when temperatures go south and everything begins freezing over. However, the added sources of warmth bring about an increased risk of starting a house fire.  Additionally, 1 in 6 house fires is caused by heating equipment. By carefully choosing the best heating system and following these fire safety tips, your family will be equally warm and secure this winter. You should test your smoke detectors every month and change the batteries at least once a year.

Sources of heat
For families that use furnaces to heat their homes, it’s important to have them serviced regularly. You should check that all of the controls – emergency shutoffs in particular – are functioning and there isn’t any soot around the flue pope or its seams. Other details to consider include discoloration or heat around the furnace, including the ceiling, wall and pipes. If it seems your furnace needs service, hire a professional to take care of it so you’re sure that the problem is corrected. Wood stoves and fireplaces are also popular for keeping the house warm all winter long. Wood-burning stoves should be installed correctly, and it’s also important to have the chimney inspected and cleaned regularly. Keep flammable liquids away from your stove to avoid an out-of-control fire.
Ultimately, the safest and most affordable way to heat your home is with our heat products. EcoArt Heating gives your home an even temperature that starts from the ground up, so you don’t have to crank up the heat only to have it immediately flow to the ceiling. Learn safety best practices for your heating system.
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