January 18, 2015

EcoArt thermostat- Wifi supported

Such as this can be used together with a simple electrical relay to control your new EcoArt Heating Panel–or even to control multiple EcoArt Heating panels. We like the EcoArt thermostat because it has multiple sensors, such as occupancy and temperature sensors built in, helping you to optimize your energy consumption, maximizing the energy savings you’ll see from switching to infrared heat. You can find relays at any local electrical supply company. For your convenience you can download a wiring diagram for your Electrician to use as a guide here.

The EcoArt thermostat is a round metal dial with a circular color LCD screen that works a lot like an iPod classic click wheel. You can turn the temperature up or down by twisting the dial, or you can go through its menus by pressing it in like a button. It can be set to automatically change the temperature based on the time and whether you’re present.
If you don’t want to program it, it can program itself by tracking the temperature settings you use over a week, automatically changing the temperature based on when you change it yourself.
Most importantly, the thermostat connects to your home Wi-Fi network, letting you remotely control heating and cooling through your smartphone, tablet, or computer.

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