WiFi Touch Screen Room Thermostat Remote Control Temperature by Phone APP


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Heating System: Applied to temperature control of Electric Heating Applicance. Not applicable to boilers.

Control from your phone: Monitor and control your heating from anywhere using your phone.

Helps save energy: Work according to programming or phone control, saving energy when you leave.



This new design heating thermostat aims at market demand, it has large LCD display, easy operation, complete functions. It can be control motorized ball valve, motorized valve, thermal valve, solenoid valve, heater, electric heating film, electric heating carbon crystal. It is used for floor heating.

Technical parameters

* Power Supply: AC200-240VAC 50/60HZ

*Accuracy: ±0.5ºC

*Probe sensor: NTC internal/external sensor

*Power Consumption: <0.3W

*Load current: 3A(water heating),12A/16A(electric heating)

*Temperature Adjustable Range: 5 ºC – 60 °C

*Limit Temperature Range: 5-99°C

*Output: Switch relay

*Insulating condition: Normal environment

*Running program: Set per 1 week as a cycle

*Installation: Wall mounted

*Application: Water Floor Heating System 3A; Electric Floor Heating System 12/16A; Infrared Heater System 12/16A;


*Large LCD touch screen, double temperature display mode

*Time display (minutes,hours,weeks)

*6 period programmable controlling temperature setting

*Internal and external temperature sensor for choice

*Room temperature display precision is 0.5,inner precision is 0.1

*Setting temperature meet user’s demand of room temperature

*Memory function when power failure,protect your setting from power failure

*Room temperature automatically calibration function

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