Flat Panel Legs Infrared Panel heater Stand Feet Aluminum Material


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Flat Panel Legs Infrared Panel heater Stand Feet Aluminum Material

Panel Heater stander, for heating panel free standing


You can move the infrared heater to a suitable position.


Making you feel comfortable.


Suitable for Flat Panel Heater






 Control Options to Fit Your Style—It can be controlled with a simple on/off switch, by programmable timer socket, and most home automation systems.

 Rapid Heating—Far infrared rays produced by radiate outward, heating all nearby objects, producing a widespread effect, almost immediately.

√ Portable—The infrared heating panel can be easily taken to different areas of the home-inside or outside-as needed.

√ No Harmful UV Rays—The panel uses the same principle as the sun’s warming light, without UV rays, for optimal heating that’s comfortable and safe.

√ Ideal for Allergy Sufferers-Most heating methods use fans to disperse heat, which often stirs up existing dust and allergens, the panel does not have any fans and operates silently.

√ Environmentally Friendly—Eco Art (when combined with a non-combustion power source) operates without any carbon combustion, no toxic by-products of combustions, no open

flame, and no fuel lines to leak.

√ No Dry Heat—Unlike conventional heaters that draw moisture out of the air, it does not produce dry heat, avoiding itchy eyes and throat.


Eco art infrared heaters are very easy to install, wall mounted the heaters horizontally or vertically.


The courier will dispatch the infrared panels within 3 days of placing the order and so delivery should be in 7 working days.

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