Infrared Mirror heaters 450W


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Infrared Mirror Heating Panels

Infrared heating in the bathroom creates a pleasant and intense feeling compared to the same amount of heat produced with a traditional air heating system. Enjoy comfortable heat in your bathroom and save energy! You’ll also notice that the bathroom and towels dry faster. Bathroom mold becomes a thing of the past: the walls of the bathroom dry faster, the whole room becomes healthier.

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How to buy the right Infrared Panel Heaters for you…

We realize Infrared Heating is a new concept so you may have many questions as to how best to ascertain the right Healthy Heating Solution for your case.

Here is a step by step guide to choosing the best solution for you:

  • Step 1: the space size?   
    Measure the size of your room.
    If it is 5 metres long and 4 metres wide then the room size is 5 x 4  = 20 square meters.
  • Step 2: All our panels consume watts (measure of energy) per hour.
    Using our panels, we recommend using 80 watts of energy per square meter.
    So if the room is 20 square meters, then one needs 20 x 80w = 1600watts
  • Step 3: Which panels do I need?
    In the above example you need 1600 watts, so you can choose 2pcs 780w heater or a different configuration, such as a 1200 watt and a 450 watt heater if you prefer the smaller sizes.
  • Step 4: Choose the style.
    We have standard white infrared panels, framed, black or white glass panels or mirrors.
  • Step 5: Where to place the panel?
    On the wall, ceiling or freestanding – it’s up to you and depends on how flexible you want the heater to be.
  • Step 6: How can I view a panel before I make my decision to purchase?
    Our panels are on display at Alibaba Shop
  • Step 7: Do you deliver?
    Yes we can arrange delivery but would need to be scheduled ahead of time – same day delivery is not possible.

Helpful Tips for Efficient Heating

  • You need to be aware that if the room has no doors or is an open plan space then heat will be escaping into the colder spaces, so just like traditional heating solutions you will need more energy to heat a bigger space.
  • If your room has ceiling over 3 metres high then it will be requiring more energy to heat it, because it’s a bigger space than a regular size room. Therefore we recommend adding more wattage which means additional panels or a higher wattage heating panel.  If you are not sure how much more, ask us!
  • A lot of windows in your room will mean that heat will always escape quicker – unless you have double glazing.
  • Use one of our thermostats to turn on/off the panel when the room reaches your target temperature and to maintain the desired heat level.


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