360W Infrared Heating Panel with thermostat


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360W Infrared Heating Panel with thermostat

Datasheet of 360w heater

Power: 360W

Size: 335*1005mm

Surface temperature: 85-95℃

Electric conversion efficiency: 98%

Ingress protection ration: IP54

Over heat protection: YES

Installation: Wall Mounted/Ceiling Mounted

Application: Bedroom/Living room/Bathroom/Yoga studio/Office. ect

Datasheet of the Thermostat

Maximum ranting: 250V/16A/50Hz, 3680W Max.

Current temp.range: 0°~60° or 32°~140°.

Target temp.range: 0°~60° or 32°~140°.

Temperature resolution: ±1° or ±1°.

Each press of button: ±1° or ±1°.

Transmission frequency: 433.92 Mhz.

Maximum range: 20m in open area.

Thermostat dimension: 98mm*50mm*29mm

Controller dimension: 122mm*42mm*20mm

Thermostat Weight : 108g

Controller Weight : 55g

Unite weight: 163g (total)

Delivery Service

We have four warehouses in the world now. China warehouse, UK warehouse, Germany Warehouse and AU warehouse. We will try our best to ship the heater in your local or nearby warehouse.

The courier will dispatch the infrared panels within 3 days of placing the order and so delivery should be in 7 working days.

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Additional information

Additional information

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