1500W Slimline Electric Heater


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Eco Art Heating Panel heaters have a sleek and slim line design with a full aluminum body for lightness and duarability.

Ideal for bedrooms, hallways and small living areas.

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  • Power: 1500W
  • Voltage: 230V/60HZ
  • 8 Elements
  • Size: 719*54*565mm
  • N.W/G.W:7.6KG/8.9KGS


  • Economic/Comfort/Defrost Mode
  • 7 days/24 hours programming
  • LCD display
  • Remote Control
  • Ultra-thin,5.4CM
  • Wall-Mounted
  • Mute


  • Fast Heating-3s after starting, hot air comes.
  • High Safety-Safe surface temperature for skin; Overheat Protection; 55 degree Tip-Over Protection etc.
  • High Efficiency-More than 98% electric heating exchange rate, heating area is fully utilized.
  • Constant temperature, Energy saving -using intelligent frequency conversion technology, automatic detection of indoor temperature, automatic frequency conversion, super energy saving.  Constant temperature generally has two ways, one through the frequent switch to maintain the temperature, so there will be a certain power loss, but also produce a huge pulse impact wear circuit board, life is short. Another is the frequency conversion technology, can reduce power to achieve temperature control, power according to the need to automatically change, we are using this variable frequency control method.
  • Economic and environmental protection- running costs saving 40-50% than the traditional electric heating, not dry, non-oil non-water pollution, no noise.
  • Elegant appearance-simple and generous design, exquisite workmanship, perfect details.
  • Simple installation and operation-easy installation can finish in few minutes. Remote control, convenient operation.
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