December 11, 2015

Perfect infrared heaters for Bathroom

Installing electric wall heaters in the bathroom is a difficult task. Because there’s always a safety hazard when the heater installed near the water. Eco Art’s research and development team is working hard and promote a bathroom infrared heaters, your perfect choice for your bathroom.

Usually a bathroom is at a premium, installing only one panel is enough to warm up the entire bathroom, and we have different power to meet your requirements, the only thing you need is a power outlet.
Our infrared panel heater is a healthy low-cost heating system coming in with a 2-year warranty.
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bathroom infrared heaters

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  1. I am looking to bring my mother(who is 93) home from a nursing home.
    I need to build a ADA(Americans with Disabilities Act) shower in my home.
    It needs to be heated as she will become chilled as soon as the water turns off.
    Are any of your infra red heaters suitable for such an application?

    The heater needs to be mounted on the wall or in the wall OR
    in or on the ceiling.
    I would prefer the heating source be mounted in the wall as my mom is wheelchair bound and would prefer it there as it would, also, work better for a standing adult. Mounted in the ceiling would just heat the top of my head and shoulders.

    Our contractor wants to put in a heated floor, but I anticipated a problem with thermal lag.

    Greg Holder
    Monticello Georgia USA

    • The heater panel has quick instant heating element and it need to be wall mounted or ceiling mounted , easy DIY. infrared heater ray can cover the small room space, pls no worry. Jeoff

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