Infrared Heating Panels for Keith Cox’s Office

What Mr Cox Need for His Office

  • Their new Estate Building is a single storey unit, a new heating solution is necessary.
  • Our heating panels are expected to fit into the ceiling grid alongside the lighting units wired into the ceiling void.
  • The ceiling will be at a height of 2400mm above floor.
  • The size of those LED lights is 600 x 600mm
  • Control them by thermostats
  • Cost saving.

Recommended Product

  • We recommended the most classical products – white basic panels, simply but would match the office’s decor.
  • Mr Cox accepted the advice and fanilly chose 20 pcs of the 600x600mm basic panels (360W), same size as those LED lights.
  • We suggested that 7 thermostars were neccessary to control heating panels of different areas, and Mr Cox went along with this decision.
  • We offered one piece of customized design infrared heating panel as a gift for Mr Cox. He loved it and installed on the center of ceiling.
ceiling panels 2
ceiling panels