September 28, 2016

New Design Glass Picture Heater

New Design Picture Heater | Infrared Glass Picture Panel

  • Elegant, gloss finish
  • Enforced Safety Glass
  • Ideal for All Room Types

Just like our Infrared Heating Panel, the Eco Art Glass Picture Panel allows you to turn your infrared heater into an elegant design element for your living or office space.

Our glass picture heaters are all made from high-quality enforced safety glass (ESG) and combine sophisticated designs with optimum safety and energy efficiency. Our elegant heated panels not only render radiators obsolete but also guarantee an improved level of comfort thanks to our unique, cutting-edge heating technology. Our glass panels offer the same level of choice as our standard infrared heaters, meaning you can choose your favourite design from our art collection or simply submit a personal image you would like reproduced. The appearance of the infrared heating panel can be adapted to your needs.

Its greatest visual feature is its beautiful glossy glass surface. Our Eco Art Glass Picture Panels are made from extra sturdy ESG safety glass and are sure to catch the eye. In search for inspiration to design your Glass Picture Panel? Feel free to contact us and we’ll be sure to help you find your favourite option.


Attractive infrared wall heaters featuring the image of your choice framed on heat-resistant custom glass– All benefits at a glance:

  • attractive wall hanging and heating unit in one
  • unusually effective and even radiant heating
  • energy-efficient, up to 15 – 20 % more powerful
  • slim and frameless design
  • radiant heating with no convection / dust movement; ideal for asthma / allergy sufferers
  • silent operation
  • connects with a standard 230 volt household plug
  • no maintenance and limited wear

IMAGE glass heater – the perfect choice for the individualist

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