September 21, 2022

Low-cost, high-comfort Infrared Radiant Ceiling Panels

nfrared Radiant Ceiling Panels offer an affordable, high-comfort, and energy-efficient heating solution for your home. Utilizing a straightforward and proven technology, these panels directly warm people and objects within a room, similar to the effect of sunlight. Infrared panels provide swift comfort without squandering energy on heating the air in the room. Much like a ceiling-mounted light fixture illuminates a larger area than a wall sconce, infrared radiant heat is most effective when installed on the ceiling. Measuring just ½ inch in thickness, Ducoterra’s radiant ceiling panels boast the slimmest design on the market, providing an inconspicuous yet highly efficient heat source. They deliver rapid warmth with zero noise, air movement, or maintenance.

Infrared Radiant Ceiling Panels allow you to eliminate airborne allergens and carbon combustion from your home heating system. Having been independently tested for Electromagnetic fields (EMFs) and found to be free of them, these radiant panels serve as an excellent whole-home or supplementary heating solution when combined with a Ductless Heat Pump, or as a replacement for cadet and baseboard heaters. With an estimated 40-year lifespan, radiant ceiling panels rank among the most cost-effective heating systems over the duration of the product.

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