May 11, 2018





Infrared panel heater won worldwide popularity recently.

Energy efficiency is quickly becoming the focus for home heating and many homeowners are embracing new fuel types or heating systems in order to become more efficient. Increased energy efficiency evidently saves the homeowner costs on their annual fuel and also helps to protect the wider environment, releasing fewer emissions and preserving the Earth’s fossil fuels for longer. One of the newer products on the market is the infrared panel heater.

Infrared heating works in much the same way as the light of the sun. Even in winter, when the day is clear and the light of the sun hits us directly we feel warmth. When infrared waves hit an object, heat energy is released regardless of the surrounding air temperature, which is why skiers and others on winter sports holidays are able to ‘catch the sun’ even when the temperature is low. Feeling warm is all about the absorption of infrared rays and the prevention of losing radiation, not about how warm the air around us happens to be. This is why even on the sunniest of days, we feel cool in the shade, despite the fact that the air temperature remains relatively similar to that in the light.

Infrared heating panels work in the same way as the rays of the sun, warming up the people and objects rather than the air in the room. This causes rapid increase in body temperature and is far more efficient, converting all of the electrical energy used directly into heat. Infrared heat can also dry out walls which may have become infected with damp, creating a healthier living environment where mould spores are discouraged to grow, and as the panels do not use convections any allergens are not circulated throughout the room.

Whether you have shopped for electric panel heaters before or not; you can get help from our engineer to choose the panel heaters which are right for your needs, from a small home office to a large industrial unit. We will ensure you find the ones which is within your budget and provides stylish, yet economical heat for your home or business space!

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