Workplace Heating

Black glass panels in a reception

Cost Saving

Infrared heating panels  is suitable for many business premises. With their near instant heat, there is no need to run your heating system for hours just to heat a meeting room that will only be used for an hour or two.


During the cold season people who work in warehouses and other large industrial buildings suffer from various illnesses caused by the cold. Using infrared heater will improve productivity.

Easy Installation

Eco art  infrared heater can be easily inserted in the ceiling or on the walls of offices or studios. They give companies an friendly image. And they can be taken off easily if you need to move to other premises.


The heating panels can be customized to show advertisements or important messages to your clients. With the logo printed on it, our Ecoart infrared heating panels is perfect to install on a reception.

Recommended Infrared Heater

Basic panels in office

White Infrared Panel Heater

  • High quality and inexpensive
  • Wide applications, fit for most place which need to be heated
  • More portable than other series, easy to install and move
  • Can be wall mounted and ceiling mounted
  • Various sizes for selection
  • Applications of commercial heating: Office / Workshop / Warehouse
  • 7 sizes for selection:  360W / 450W / 600W / 720W /  1200W
  • Prices of different SPEC: $ – $
Art panels in a Restaurant

Art Infrared Heating Panel

  • Any HD(at least 300dpi) picture can be printed on panels
  • Most personality one
  • Combine art with heater
  • Taste promotion
  • Wall mounted or ceiling mounted

Application of commercial heating: Office/ Shop / Restaurant / Pub/warehouse
Seven powers for selection: 360W / 450W / 600W / 720W / 1200W
Choose pictures from us or provide your favorite one
Prices of different SPEC: $ – $