Heating Salon Shop Pubs

Infrared Heating in Salon and Pub

Salons and clubs should offer their customers indulgent, therapeutic experiences in eye-catching surroundings. Salon style and aesthetic are crucial to attracting new business. Infrared technology can help achieve those goals – with heating devices designed to suit any setting.

What we can do is to provide an energy efficient heating system that would compliment the aesthetics of the salons. A fully programmable and thermostatically controlled system is equally important to ensure VIPs feel comfortable whilst being pampered.

Art panels in an hair salon


EcoArt Infrared Heating is the best heating solution to match your salon’s decor. Infrared panels are able to exhibit photographs of hairstyles and products or offer ideas and inspiration to clients.


EcoArt Infrared Heating offers consistent heat. It heats directly and that means it does not require any contact such as air currents to carry the heat. By this way, you can enioy a comfortable environment.


Salons are busy environments, filled with specialist equipments. EcoArt heating panels are flat and unobtrusive, which means your business doesn’t have to change to accommodate your heating system.


You will get various choice when you are considering EcoArt heating panels. Art panels with picture posters. Mirror panels combine mirror and heating, perfect for a hair salon. Glass panel shows super taste.

Recommended Products

Basic Infrared Heater

Basic infrared heating panels in a archery club. Energy efficient and money saving. Fit for these large clubs

Glass Infrared Heater

Glass infrared heating panels in a pub. EcoArt Glass panels are durable and good-looking. Fit for high-grade club

Mirror Infrared Heater

Innovative. Ecoart  mirror not only used for heating but also duos  as a mirror.Saving a large of space. Perfect electric heater for hair salon.

Art Infrared Heater

Choose your own artwork and print it on space heater,  they are both eye-catching and functional.

Thank you for a highly professional and efficient service that I have received from all of you. Not only during the sales and installation stages but even the after sales care. Really perfect for my hair salon.