Library, Cafes & Restaurants Heating

Glass panels in public place

Cost Saving

Public place always spend a lot on heating bills. Ecoart infrared heaters heat every space separately. Saving up to 70% on your annual energy costs and reducing your carbon foot print.


Ecoart Infrared heating panels bring us more comfortable public environment. It is not a dry air and also does not spread dust around a room causing allergies. It makes people drowsy, reducing productivity.


EcoArt electric heaters operate with no carbon combustion. It does not produce toxic by-products, no possibility of open flame or fuel leaks. Infrared radiation is sustainable energy, It’s friendly to nature.


A blackboard design heating panels can be used as a blackboard to show  important messages when using it in a lab or a library. Our panels saves space, good-looking, functional and decorative.

Recommended Products

Basic panel in Gym

Basic Infrared Heating Panels

  • High quality and inexpensive
  • Wide applications, fit for most place which need to be heated
  • More portable than other series, easy to install and move
  • Available for wall mounted, ceiling mounted or free standing
  • Various sizes for selection
  • Applications of public heating: School / Hospital / Gym / Theater/ Cafes / Restaurants/ Pubs
  • 7 sizes for selection: 300W / 360W / 450W / 600W / 720W / 780W / 1200W
  • Prices of different SPEC: $ – $
Glass panel in library

Glass Infrared Heating Panel

  • Decorative
  • Top-grade quality
  • Durable
  • Easy installation
  • Various colors and sizes for selection
  • Application of public heating: Library/ Lab / Museum/Shop
  • 3 colors for selection: Black / White / Red
  • 4 Wattage to choose: 300W / 450W / 500W / 600W
  • Prices of different SPEC: $ – $

Art Infrared Heating Panel

  • Any HD picture can be printed on panels
  • Most personality one
  • Combine art with electric heater
  • Taste promotion
  • Wall mounted or ceiling mounted
  • Application of public heating: Library / Theater / Museum
  • 7 sizes for selection: 300W / 360W / 450W / 600W / 720W / 780W / 1200W
  • Choose pictures from us or provide your favorite ones
  • Prices of different SPEC: $ – $