Home Heating

White Glass Panel in home


EcoArt infrared heaters convert 100 % of the energy consumed in comfortable warmth. They heat quickly and accurately. The walls remain dry and the insulation properties are improved in the long term.


Ecoart infrared heater keeps the masonry work free of mould and operate completely silent. No more cold feet and hot heads It can also stimulate metabolism and blood circulation, benefit to health.


Ecoart infrared heating panels are good looking, modern and sleek. We have a range of products in different styles to match your decor. The customized panels can be designed just as you like.

Cost Saving

With Ecoart infrared heating panels, heating only the parts of your home that you’re using at any given time is possible. They can save you up to 30-70% on heating costs. And actual saving money on insulation.

Recommended Products

Basic panel in dining room

White Infrared Heater Panel

  • High quality and inexpensive
  • Wide application, fit for most place which need to be heated
  • More portable than other series, easy to install and move
  • Available for wall mounted, ceiling mounted or free standing
  • Various sizes for selection
  • Applications of home heating: Living room / Bedroom / Kitchen / Dining room/bathroom /Hot Yoga
  • Seven power for selection: 450W / 600W / 720W / 1200W
  • Prices of different SPEC: $ – $
Art panels in the houses

Infrared Picture Heaters

  • Any HD pictures can be printed on panels
  • Most personality one
  • Combine art with heater
  • Taste promotion
  • Wall mounted or ceiling mounted
  • Application of home heating: Living room / Bedroom / Dining room
  • Sizes for selection: 360W/ 450W / 600W / 720W/ 1200W
  • Choose pictures from picture gallery or provide art work or loving picture
  • Prices of different SPEC: $ – $