Ecoart Heating have infrared heaters to suit any application

Bathroom Heater

bathroom heater

Infrared heating panels are ideal as heating source for your bathroom. You can choose a mirror infrared heating panel or a glass one with towel rail. Really functional and better your life.

Home Heating

room heater

Our infrared heating panels are both decorative and function. They fit perfectly into a modern space or a classic interior. You can use they in your living room as well as bedroom and dining room


infrared space heater

EcoArt Infrared Heating Solutions are perfect for a wide range of work palces. They are designed to reduce energy consumption and energy bills whilst also providing a healthier environment.

Heating Salon Shop Pubs

electric wall heaters

Various of EcoArt heating panels can be choosed by a Salon or a club. Basic panels, Glass panels, customized ones. Not only provide your VIPs comfortable environment, but also can be decorative.

Heating Yoga Studio

radiant heaters

Hot yoga allows for greater range of movement in joints, muscles, and ligaments. Our infrared heating systems offers many adavantages which not found in traditional heating systems.

Library, Cafes & Restaurant

best electric heater

Hygienic, healthy, safe and ecologic. These are just a few reasons why more and more public places choose for infrared heating panels. EcoArt Heating, classical and saving money.

Outdoor Patio Heater

Application (5)

Outdoor Patio Heater is suitable for use over tables,couches or bars. Enjoy a warm and comfortable atmosphere all year around, indoors or outdoors.

Infrared Night Vision Camera

Network IR security Camera, support 1,4 and 9ch image display and full screen view on web browser. High image and video quality,two ways audio monitoring. Compatible with free iOS and Android APP.

Excess Plus for Infrared Heating Systems

Excess Plus

The Excess Plus Application Introduction: It is designed for home energy saving system.It has redundancy design of dual heaters (boil heater and infrared space heater) capability and redundant solar energy detector.