May 18, 2023

Infrared Heater Panel with Digtial Energy Storage Solution

A Simple and Smart digital Energy Storage Heating Solution

Eco Art Heating gives you an innovative and energy-saving solution to keep your homes and work spaces comfortably warm for less with a contemporary finish, design and cutting-edge technology. It is specifically been designed to blend into your home.

Eco Art heating Compact enables building owners to solve power management challenges for small sized commercial and industrial sites. The system is an all-in-one single rack energy storage system This helps customers to increase local renewable energy consumption and integrate the infrastructure for on-site electric infrared heating while supporting a wide range of applications such as back-up power, peak shaving, and frequency regulation.

Install this as part of a whole house system or use it for individual use occasionally. You are now able to have instant access to your heaters from anywhere in the world from your smartphone. Just download the App TUYA or SMART LIFE and connect your heater. You will be able to create your own weekly logs by selecting which days and what times you would like the heater to run, and select a target temperature for your room.

You can control multiple heaters in different rooms. This is perfect for busy individuals, who want to come home to a warm snug place after a long day at work. With this smart heating feature, can help save money on your bills as you have full control of the heating 24/7, and don’t have to heat rooms that are not being occupied. Infrared heaters, it has low maintenance and low running costs due to the low wattage intake. This heater will also be provided with a wireless remote control.

How does it work?

Far Infrared carbon crystal Heating system heats up the objects and people around you as opposed to conventional heaters which just heat up the air. The surface of the panel can reach as high as 110˚C but they can be mounted up high on a wall or if you want, on a ceiling too. Please remember that in order to make the most of your panel, it needs to be exposed to as many elements as possible. You can find out more about infrared here.

DIY Installation
IP65 Rated – Suitable for Bathrooms and Wet Areas
Wall or Ceiling Mounted – Freestanding (Portable) Options Available
Handheld Remote Control and Thermostat
Adaptive Thermostatic Controls
Built-in Overheat Protection
Individual Room Zoning
Suitable for Domestic or Commercial Properties
Ideal for Double Bedrooms, Kitchens, Nursery Rooms or Individual Use
No Light and No Sound

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