February 3, 2016

Hot Yoga infrared heating system in Nørrebro Physiotherapy and Training Centre Company in Denmark

Nørrebro company background:

Nørrebro Physiotherapy and Training Centre Company is a personal and sensible alternative to the big gyms. Their training center on Thor Street, Thorsgade 59, Copenhagen, Denmark.  They are welcome to guests of all ages, shapes and colors. They have made it a trademark to have time and space for everyone. With them you are not just a number in the queue.

NF Hot Yoga Studio

Their competent staff, all with physiotherapy background, working from the latest training knowledge, and help you achieve your goals through specific training guidance and counseling – whether  are training with a view to a healthier lifestyle or have an injury problem to be taken into account . Remember with us there is always a physical therapist present, you can ask for advice.

They supply a personalized training program and ongoing guidance, unlimited training and free group training for only 240, – per month.

The owner of the Nørrebro Physiotherapy and Training Centre, Andreas, want to open a hot yoga studio in their new large studio that should be heated to 37c by infrared heating panels.

We try to match Andreas’s proposals:

Copenhagen is the capital and most populated city of Denmark (as of 1 January 2015) and a metropolitan population of 2,013,009 (as of 1 October 2015). It is situated on the eastern coast of Zealand, 164 km (102 mi) east of Odense and 28 km (17 mi) northwest of Malmö, Sweden.


The infrared heater has many positive effects and gives you a nice deep heat. The deep heat in the muscles, tendons, and joints helps you in your training and gives you a greater effect. During the hours you will experience far greater flexibility and agility that benefit you in Yoga poses and helps you in your flow.

The heat also has numerous other positive effects

Purge toxins from the body

Prevents stress

Greater flexibility in muscles, tendons, and joints

Better recovery in addition to other sports

Gives your fat burning a boost

infrared heating system

Yoga practice training Class in infrared heating yoga room in January, 2016. There must bring your own yoga mat and towel for hygiene reasons. The towel puts you on the yoga mat to prevent it from becoming slippery. You can buy both the towel and had in the shop on the first floor. You can rent towel and mat for 40, – per time which we subsequently washes.

Remember to drink a lot of water before, during, and after class.

At Eco Art Heating Solutions, our engineers in infrared heating department do the whole work for the yoga heating system project.

Our recommended heating solutions:

Products: 1) 18 pcs 1200W (ES-W1200) Eco Art Infrared Heaters Ceiling Mounted

2) 18pcs Ceiling fixing kits

Installation method: Ceiling mounted

Andreas need quick shipment and hope that their customers can try Hot Yoga on Jan.04, 2016. We tried our best to service them and arranged the shipment by EMS within 15 days. Andreas received the electric heaters in time and all the heaters are in good condition, they are very satisfied with our heaters. And they’re also very surprised to receive our free gift, 3 piece microfiber towels with leading absorbing technology (Made in Taiwan) that specially for yoga practice.

yoga trainer

Eco Art Electric heaters are easy to install, Andreas installed the heating system within 2 days and his yoga studio is ready to open, they couldn’t be more happy.

Our team members are timely, reliable and high skilled – and will never waste your time waiting around for missed appointments.

At the end of the contract we were personally thanked by the Andreas for our commitment and speed of the contract turnaround. It was also noted we were the only contract company to have finished a contract within the specified time frame, whilst giving excellent customer service.

Our consultant knowledge covers across light commercial and larger industrial heating systems on conventional systems, warm air or radiant heating.

The range of commercial heating services offered by Eco Art Heating solutions Engineering Company including:

Residential infrared heating system

Commercial warm air heating systems

For a no-obligation quote on our commercial heating services, or complete the contact form on this page or email: [email protected]

Recommend for the yoga studio:

We look forward to welcoming you in Nørrebro Physiotherapy and Training Centre. Fitness for everyone! Regardless of age and skill level. If you have not been past our center so see our intro video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZIVdfz2R1Bo

They have many free hold for our members, such as Fitness Bike, Ab / Balls / Thighs, Zumba and many more.

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