January 26, 2018

Flat Infrared Heating Element Intruduction Nichrome Cr20Ni80

by Mark Perdew

Ecoart has been concentrating on developing high-end Infrared heating panel to firm the problem of high temperature oxidation of the hot heating wires.

Ecoart advances its expertise in hot heating wires. After many furnaces’ test, normal nichrome wire is obtained, so the wires are improved and used life is lengthened.

Let’s talk about High Purity nichrome wire Cr20Ni80. It has many excellent qualities: Far infrared Ray in high temperature range, deformation ability, thermal stability, mechanical character, shockproof ability in thermal state and anti-oxidization, which also increases its electric resistance. In our most advanced technique yet for an experience to be repeated.


Returning to the source, Ecoart concentrates the highest levels of our electric panel radiator to satisfy our customers.

2016 – 2017 Ecoart introduces many NEW electric heating panels. Concentrated in home heating, both home and industrial products are increasingly popular over time.

Nichrome wire is constructed from an alloy made from nickel (Ni), chromium (Cr), and often iron, primarily it is used as a resistance wire. Ideally suited as a resistance wire heating alloy due to its high electrical resistivity, high melting point and resistance to high temperature oxidation (as a result of forming a protective layer of chromium oxide which makes it highly stable in air at high temperature).

(1) High electric resistance
(2) Antioxidant
(3) High tensile strength under high temperature
(4) Good formability and weldability
(5) Long service life

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