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April 11, 2019

Our Booth in China International Heating and Air-Conditioning Heat Pumps Technical Equipment Expo

Our Booth in 2019 China Shanghai International Heating and Air-Conditioning Heat Pumps Technical Equipment Expo Mirco Energy Solutions ( Eco Art Heating)  Heating system can Lower your energy bills with heat recovery ventilation Mrico’AirSun Heat Recovery Ventilation systems (HRV) are designed to provide superior air comfort levels and at the same time conserve energy by minimising […]

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April 10, 2019

Images of A Black Hole and Infrared Light Spectrum

Eco Art Heating infrared  heating panels operate in the Far Infrared spectrum producing sun like heat tuned between 9-14 micron meters. Humans can not see this light, but know of its existence from the warmth they feel. To further explain how it is felt imagine yourself on a picnic during a hot summer day. It […]

May 9, 2018


Whilst electricity represents the most efficient form of heating, it has historically also been the most expensive. This has now changed…… and consumers are actively seeking energy efficient electric heating solutions for their homes or commercial environments. Infrared heating offers a long life, low maintenance, low running cost electric solution that offers a much more […]

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Natural Elegant Panel Heater

Far Infrared heaters provide a heating solution for all your home living areas that add to the aesthetics of your house whilst keeping you comfortably warm. We pursuit a new natural, healthy way of life, allowing you to enjoy the pure taste and elegant warmly living quality of life. Your home heating solution EcoArt-Heating range will […]

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January 31, 2018

The Simple Yoga Exercise For Lean & Flexible Legs!

This is a dynamic Kundalini Yoga exercise that can be practiced on it’s own and is also regularly practiced in sequence with other postures and exercises in specific Kundalini Yoga ‘Kriyas’ (yoga sets). It’s benefits are many and you will feel the magic straight away. BENEFITS – Builds stamina and endurance Tones and lifts the […]

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