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Perfect infrared heaters for Bathroom

Installing electric wall heaters in the bathroom is a difficult task. Because there’s always a safety hazard when the heater installed near the water. Eco Art’s research and development team is working hard and promote a bathroom infrared heaters, your perfect choice for your bathroom. Usually a bathroom is at a premium, installing only one […]

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Understanding Infrared Heaters

Infrared heaters work on infrared light-this is light that you can’t see with your eyes as it’s beyond the eye’s spectrum. You get warm from the infrared light as your skin and clothes are able to absorb the light and transfer the heat to the body. The heaters have hot coils that are wrapped over […]

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How to stay warm and safe this winter?

It’s imperative to heat your home and keep your family warm when temperatures go south and everything begins freezing over. However, the added sources of warmth bring about an increased risk of starting a house fire.  Additionally, 1 in 6 house fires is caused by heating equipment. By carefully choosing the best heating system and following these […]

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What is infrared and what is Infrared heating?

The background and benefits of infrared for our environment and bodies. How long have we known about infrared and its benefits? Infrared radiation was discovered in 1800 by Sir Frederick William Herschel. Herschel, born in Hanover, Germany. It was Herschel who found that light passed through a glass prism would spread into a rainbow of […]

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EcoArt thermostat- Wifi supported

Such as this can be used together with a simple electrical relay to control your new EcoArt Heating Panel–or even to control multiple EcoArt Heating panels. We like the EcoArt thermostat because it has multiple sensors, such as occupancy and temperature sensors built in, helping you to optimize your energy consumption, maximizing the energy savings you’ll see from […]

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