Nørrebro Physiotherapy and Training Yoga Heating Solution


Nørrebro Physiotherapy and Training Center Yoga Heating Solution

Customer Brief

Nørrebro Physiotherapy and Training Centre Company is a personal and sensible alternative to the big gyms. Their training center on Thor Street, Thorsgade 59, Copenhagen, Denmark.  They are welcome to guests of all ages, shapes and colors. They have made it a trademark to have time and space for everyone. With them you are not just a number in the queue.

They supply a personalized training program and ongoing guidance, unlimited training and free group training for only 240, – per month.

Customer requirement

Nørrebro Physiotherapy and Training Centre Yoga Studios Size: 108 square meters;

Temperature requirement: ideally customer would like to heat up to 37 degrees celcius in half an hour.

They were asked to recommend a more efficient way and best heater to heat the room and control the thermal comfort of an environment for yoga.

Assessment & Recommendation

To achieve the target temperature, we recommend 200W per square meters for Hot Yoga studio, which means they need about 21600W.

Heating solutions


1) 18 pcs 1200W (ES-W1200) Eco Art Infrared Ceiling Heaters

2) 18pcs Ceiling fixing kits

Installation method: Ceiling mounted

We tried our best to service them and arranged the shipment by EMS within 15 days. So they can install the yoga studio asap.


Eco Art Infrared Panel heaters are easy to install, Andreas installed the heating system within 2 days and his yoga studio is ready to open, they couldn’t be more happy.

1 year later, Andreas buy more 3 pieces 1200W INFRARED HEATING PANEL to be installed in his Yoga Studio.One WIFI Thermostat as a free gift for him.

Our team members are timely, reliable and high skilled – and will never waste your time waiting around for missed appointments.