Domestic / Commecial / Public / Yoga Studio

Applications of EcoArt Heating


Domestic Heating

Use EcoArt Infrared Heating Panels to improve the comfort of your home. Heat those cold rooms in a cost effective manner.

Benefits to the house builder:

  • Cost cheaper than conventional electric heating systems
  • Easy and quick to install
  • Strong Warranty

Benefits to the home owner:

  • Up to 90% savings on energy bills
  • Stylish design improves the aesthetics of the room
  • Can be fitted flush in to walls and ceilings which will create space where radiators would have been located
  • Homeowner can monitor energy consumption and heating costs

Living Room

Our infrared heating panels are both decorative and function. They fit perfectly into a modern living space as well as in a classic interior.
We recommend 1 or 3 pcs customized infrared heating panels with artistic paintings.


Infrared heating panels are ideal as heating source for your bathroom.
You can choose a mirror infrared heating panel or a glass one with towel rail. Really functional and better your life.

Bedroom, kitchen. etc

You can completely personalize your IR-panels to brighten up your house to something unique.
Or choose the pure and classical White Aluminum Panels.

Commecial and Public Heating

EcoArt Infrared Heating Solutions are perfect for a wide range of commercial and public applications.

They are designed to reduce energy consumption and energy bills whilst also providing a healthier, more pleasant environment.


  • Energy efficient and energy saving
  • Stylish looks enhance the interior design of building
  • No maintenance
  • More comfortable environment. It is not a dry air which can make people drowsy, reducing productivity
  • Contributes towards environmental policy
  • Can reduce heating bills
  • Easy to be moved
Basic panels in office

Office and Industry

Space efficient and heating every space separately.
Infrared heating panels are the ideal solution to warm your office or industry.
Recommend White PET / Aluminum panels. You can mount them on walls or ceilings.

School and Public Place

EcoArt Heating Panels can be installed into suspended ceilings/ceilings or walls.
Use them in classrooms, meeting rooms and dormitories.
Recommend White PET / Aluminum infrared heating panels. Simple and saving money.

Salon and Club

Various of EcoArt heating panels can be choosed by a salon or a club.
Simple white panels, elegant Glass panels, customized design ones.
Not only provide your VIPs comfortable environment, but also can be decorative.


What We Know About Yoga

We all know that hot yoga is popular.

It adds another dimension to fitness!
Since warm bodies stretch more, hot yoga allows for greater range of movement in joints, muscles, and ligaments. It offers many benefit for the entire body.

A Yoga Studio is a very special place.
It is an environment where your body is often at floor level and the room must be kept at an ambient temperature suitable for movement, relaxation and meditation without draughts or uncomfortable overheating.

Hot Yoga Studio Heating Solution

Our infrared heating systems offer a range of benefits not found in traditional forced-air systems.


  •  Rapid heating, the FIR heating panels can heat up the room to 35–42℃ within half an hour.
  •  Maximize energy conservation, decrease operating costs.
  •  Heaters directly warm the muscles allowing for greater flexibility &  range of motion.
  • When the body absorbs infrared heat, its natural cooling system kicks in, which burns calories and promotes weight loss.
  • Heat up evenly,the heat source is far infrared carbon crystal heating panel,which has health-care function.