Home Heating

EcoArt Infrared Heating is perfect for home. They are fire-safe, no noise, do not dust and odor free. They never dry the air, heat directly and always provide you comfortable feelings. You can enioy healthy warmth in your home.


Office and Public Heating

EcoArt Infrared Heating will increase job satisfaction and productivity with low-cost, energy-efficient warmth. It also can be used as a substitute for Central Heating Systems. It will provide a better work envrioment for employees.


Hot Yoga Studio Heating

By using EcoArt infrared heating,Yoga Studio will open up a huge range of benefits in flexibility improvement and injury protection. Besides, it can help in getting rids of calories so as to simply set you free.


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Features You’ll Love!

Our EcoArt Far Infrared Heating System is most comprehensive in the world. Let’s have a glance of those features.

  1. 1
    Energy Efficient and Money Saving

    Infrared heating panels change traditional heating ways which simply burning precious natural resources such as oil or gas fired boilers. They work in the same way as the Sun. They radiate sun-like warmth to indoor or outdoor spaces rather than heating the air.

  2. 2
    Diverse Range of Products

    EcoArt provides various surface materials for selections. Panels can be made from PET, glass and mirror. They are available in  different colors and sizes. Our products always look great when mounted on ceilings or walls.

  3. 3
    Combine Technology and Art

    EcoArt Heating gives you an opportunity to customize your own heating panels, to turn your heater into artwork. Any HD pictures you like can be imaged onto panels. Our products are not just functional but also become attractive parts of your home.  We combine “Eco” and “Art” in this way.

  4. 4
    Receive World Recognition

    Many challenges and experiences we have made helpe us to prefect our technology and products.  All of our products obtained with certificates of CE, EMC, GS and RoHs.

Free & Fast Shipping, Save your time

Now we have 4 overseas warehouse, Australia Warehouse, United Kingdom Warehouse, Germany Warehouse and United States Warehouse.

It’s time we ditch our traditional beliefs of how to heat our homes and begin to embrace energy efficient electric heating, and that’s where infrared comes in – saving time, money and space effortlessly.


Key Features of EcoArt Heating


10 years experience developing infrared heating panels. If you need a infrared heating solution, EcoArt Heating will be your best choice.

5 years warranty! 100% quality guarantee! The quality of our products is worth to trust.

Free advice and information. Feel free to request an infrared heating solution project and quote.

Special price in summer season. You can get elegant customized design panels as gift when booking considerable orders.

Widely applied. Unlike conventional heating systems such as forced air, almost all of our products require no maintenance, and ordinarily last the life of the building.